Five Tips For Downlight Installations

Every now and then you look around your home and feel like something is missing, something that can be upgraded, or that a makeover is in order. But you know that you don’t have the budget for a full-on revamp. Often, the type of interior transformation that counts includes a fresh coat of paint, adding new tiles and installing trendy appliances; however, lighting is one easy way of brightening things up. Downlight installations can give any space into a modern one. So, instead of remodelling your entire home, here are five tips for installing downlights you should keep in mind.

Get An Electrician To Do It!

Hiring an expert is the best decision you can make to ensure that all your downlight installations go well. As much as you might think yourself a handyman or woman, you’re not. And besides, anything that involves electrical fixtures requires practised hands. A qualified electrician knows the best course of action when installing downlights; where they can be installed, the rewiring needed and more.

Consider Using Integrated LED Downlights 

With great thermal management systems and retrofitted LED bulbs, integrated LED downlights are an excellent option to go with. These lighting fixtures run at a much cooler temperature so that they don’t overheat easily. That means that the lifespan of your bulbs is extended to about 50 000 hours. And LED downlights can last up to 17 years when well maintained. Integrated LED downlights also offer a wider spread of light in a room, so you’re guaranteed optimum lighting with good placement and their tilting mechanisms.

Go Anti-Glare 

Anti-glare LED downlights have a unique lens that helps them distribute light more evenly and eliminate the LED glare. These lights are highly recommended for many workspaces as well as a study area.

Space Your Downlights Evenly 

Having your downlight spaced out at least 1-metre apart between walls and fixtures is recommended. There should be at least a 1.5-metre space between each downlight.

Dim Your Downlights By Zone 

A dimmer switch installed with your downlight is excellent to control the various lighting and mood you want for each room. If you’re planning a cosy night in, want to save energy and increase the lifespan of your bulbs, downlights with dimmers are exceptional. Install dimmers by zone in living spaces where intimate atmospheres are required.

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