Four Reason To Have LED Downlights Installed in Your Home

Over the past few years, LED lights and LED downlights have been increasing in popularity in homes and workplaces. Due to their stylish designs, complementary aspects to household décor and energy-saving capabilities, more people are choosing to install them over regular lighting fixtures. Our team has come up with four reasons why you should consider installing LED downlights.

  • Energy Saving

LED downlights are by far, one of the most energy-efficient lighting sources out there. They require less energy to run and, compared to their incandescent counterparts, LED downlights can save up to 80% electrical power. When you compare them to halogen lamps, they save around 75% of electricity. What’s more, due to the low voltage power supply in LED downlights, you’re also increasing electrical safety at home. As a result, you not only save on your energy bills but safeguard your home.

  • Environmentally-friendly

When you have LED downlights installed in your home,  you’re playing a greater role in the conservation of the environment. These lights contain no amount of hazardous solids, liquid or gases. These properties make LED downlights safer for the environment and your family. These lights also use direct lighting and in turn, produce less light pollution than traditional lighting.

Did you know that LED downlights produce cold light? This makes them ideal for indoor plants and also contribute to air quality around the home. They also lower your carbon footprint up to a third, making them an environmentally friendly option.

  • Directional Lighting

Unlike standard lights that emit light in all directions (and if you wanted to direct their light would be by using a shade or reflector), LED downlights are ideal for their directional light design. You can use LED downlights to shine in a specific direction of your choice. They can point in the direction that is most comfortable and welcoming to enhance the ambience of a room.

  • Easy To Install and Maintain

Any professional electrician can easily install and uninstall LED downlights. And once they are installed, and with their lengthy lifespan, you won’t need to do much maintenance on them. The bulk of LED downlights lasts up to 50, 000 hours.

Make sure that you hire a qualified electrician to install your downlights.

Speaking of professionals, the team at Skyco Corp are expert electricians with an array of disciplines in the electrical field. We’re able to install, maintain and repair LED downlights as well as other electrical fixtures with efficiency. Speak to one of our friendly staff about your electrical needs.