The Importance of Emergency Light Testing and When To Schedule Them

Within any industry, especially in the property services, it is an employers duty to ensure that their premises follow regulations. They also need to be compliant with safety standards so that all staff and customers’ well-being is in check. To meet these standards, electrical safety plays a vital role in compliance.

What is an Emergency Light Test?

Imagine the power goes out, and work needs to stop. This scenario can be a huge set back on the productivity of your business. Not only that, but this could pose a threat to the safety of customers and employees. That’s is why emergency lighting is essential. Having your lighting tested prevents unforeseen situations so that work continues. It also ensures safe evacuation in an emergency.

With any emergency lighting system, ensuring that the lighting tubes are operational and that back-up batteries are in full working order is essential. You need a maintenance plan carried out by competent personnel to handle regular checks which should be documented onsite in fire safety logbook. Note: back-up batteries need to be able to provide power for a minimum of 3 hours after the mains fail.

How Often Should Emergency Lights Be Tested?

Monthly and Annual Emergency Light Tests:

A hired contractor needs to be the one carrying out monthly testing. When being conducted, the main power supply and general lights need to be switched off. There is, however, a separate switched installed for whenever emergency lighting tests need to be conducted without switching off all mains through a fish key switch. Your chosen contractor will also perform a walkthrough to ensure that all emergency lights are working as they should. They will also record all the results in a fire safety logbook, and any corrective requests will be made if defects are found.

With annual emergency light testing, the same process as with monthly tests is followed. The only difference is that emergency units are lefts on for 3 hours. Should any of the lights be off for the duration of the test, this would mean the back-up battery need to be replaced.

When you do hire a contractor for emergency light testing, we urge that these tests be carried out after hours to prevent any potential emergency situation after all emergency lights have been drained.

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